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Just Like Your Natural Teeth

Dental Implants are fixed anchors that act and feel just like natural teeth.

Thanks to advanced dental implant technology, you could be enjoying a new smile in as quick as 1 day!

The Superior Alternative To Dentures

Because dental implants are secured just like natural teeth, they won’t slip or move around while you eat or talk.

You'll be able to enjoy all your favorite foods again and never worry about them falling out like dentures.

Dental Implants Are Essential To Preventing Jawbone Loss, Wrinkles & Pre-Mature Aging

When teeth are missing, the jawbone shrinks over time (and constant pressure from dentures can even accelerate the problem).

Properly placed dental implants integrate with the bone, stopping deterioration and preventing further loss.*

Meet Dr. Kenny Abedini

Dr. Abedini, Premier Dentist in Long Beach, California

Dr. Kenny Abedini is a highly skilled Long Beach and Newport Beach dentist dedicated to providing gentle and effective care to patients of all dental backgrounds.

A graduate of USC, one of the best dental schools in the country, Dr. Kenny Abedini earned his DDS in a field that he is passionate about. He believes that excellent oral health begins with education and prevention, and he has made it his mission to enlighten patients about the ways they can take greater control over their own dental health.

Dr. Kenny Abedini is committed to continuing education and staying aware of the latest advancements in oral health and dentistry.


“I love being able to combine art and science to boost a person’s confidence and self-esteem. The joy of changing someone’s life by creating a beautiful, healthy smile is one of the intangible rewards for me that can’t be measured. Another contributing factor to how much I love my job is that dentistry is a field of health care that focuses more on preventive care than the treatment of symptoms. This enables me to educate my patients through one-on-one relationships and provide them with the best preventive care or restorative option - and ultimately promote the best health care for them.”

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Complete The Evaluation Above To See If You're A Candidate, To Know The Pricing Options, & What Treatment Would Be Best For You

Complete The Evaluation Above To See If You're A Candidate, Pricing Options, & What Treatment Would Be Best For You

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Complete the short online evaluation above to find out if you are eligible for dental implant treatment and which treatment would be best for you!


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